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Helping Your Business Find its Voice

Businesses today must be able to communicate with customers and demand a phone system that is simple, reliable and secure. Meet GlobalMeet®.

Get More Done with GlobalMeet’s Cloud PBX

GlobalMeet offers a cloud phone system that helps improve communication with quality, web-based enterprise voice supported on both traditional phones and mobile devices. Beyond high definition (HD) audio, GlobalMeet includes a collaboration app with HD video, text messaging, chat and conferencing features. Communicate, collaborate and get more work done with GlobalMeet.

What is Cloud PBX Anyway?

You may be asking yourself what is cloud PBX anyway? A cloud PBX system is a web-based, hosted voice and phone solution that is managed by a service provider. Cloud phone systems provide businesses with increased flexibility and efficiency, while simultaneously freeing up IT resources. No more need to buy servers or worry about hardware upkeep or capitalization. A hosted PBX solution gives businesses of all sizes scale and flexibility from the smallest business to growing enterprise with multiple locations. Although hosted in a data center or network, the management of cloud PBX software is controlled by the customer. Back in the dark ages, unified communications meant hardware, but a cloud PBX offers the same functionality in a hosted environment and allows organizations to leverage additional efficiencies that are recognized in a cloud PBX service delivery model.

Crystal Clear Choice for Cloud Phone Systems

With nearly 28 years in the communications industry and as the collaboration provider to more than 75 percent of the Fortune™ 500, you can trust in GlobalMeet for your enterprise voice collaboration needs. Our cloud phone system with high-definition audio makes it easy to talk to and hear people all over the world.

GlobalMeet Makes Your Team
More Productive

A Better UI

Improve engagement with our unique design that prioritizes all communication streams by what’s urgent and most recent.

Mobile Apps

Users can stay productive on the go with a cloud phone system that includes mobile messaging, group chat, texting and calls.

Record or Transcribe

Record or transcribe calls on-demand for easy note-taking and reference after the call is over.

Digital Receptionist

Create a custom greeting that supports time-of-day, business and holiday hours and a dial-by-name directory.


Manage your voicemail via a web-based login so you receive messages the way you want – as transcriptions, texts or audio files.

On-Hold Music

Let callers know they’re still connected with a custom message or music that is streamed while callers are on hold.

Porting Numbers

Keep your existing local phone numbers, support emergency services and E911 when you migrate to a cloud PBX system.

App Integration

Synchronize your contacts in real-time and link with your CRM systems to stay connected and productive with a single sign-on experience.

Why Make the Switch?

Legacy phone solutions don’t provide the flexibility that businesses need today. With a GlobalMeet’s cloud PBX solution, you benefit from a reliable and high-quality phone service positioned to grow with your company. You’ll not only gain additional functionality and flexibility but save time and money by choosing a cloud PBX solution that incorporates industry leading collaboration features backed by a support team that is known for superior customer service. Legacy and on-premise phone solutions can be very costly to install and maintain, so why not choose a cloud voice service that saves money and paves the way to add advancing technology. Schedule a demo and see how GlobalMeet can help transform your business communications.

Advantages of Using GlobalMeet’s
Cloud PBX

Reliable Service

When you choose GlobalMeet for your cloud PBX solution, you receive high-quality voice services in a stable, reliable environment. Your business communication is important, so you need a service you can trust. GlobalMeet has got you covered from quality voice to reliable service.

Reduced Infrastructure Costs

Managing multiple servers or services can be time consuming and costly. With flexible models, you can put scalable communications services wherever needed, and easily and simply relocate them as required. Let us help reduce your infrastructure costs by migrating your phone system into the cloud with GlobalMeet’s cloud PBX solution.

Ease of Maintenance

Choosing GlobalMeet makes managing your cloud phone system easy. You’ll always have the latest feature functionality hosted in our secure data center environment. GlobalMeet is easier for IT to support and seamlessly scales, which frees up IT time to focus on other priorities and allows investment to smoothly scale with the business.

Streamline Your Business Communications with GlobalMeet

Stop getting headaches from managing antiquated and legacy phone systems. Choose GlobalMeet as your cloud PBX provider and simplify the way you do business.

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